We aim for holistic growth of our students

The DP Team

mathematics Hl

I’m Joseph. I have been a tutor at Sindhu’s Academy since September 2020. During the 2020/2021 school year, I taught a wide range of students going from the early MYP years all the way to DP2. I attended UWC Maastricht until 2013 before moving to the United States and completing my high school diploma there. I then studied at McGill University in Canada and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics. In September 2021, I will attend ESCP Business School in Paris. I have always had a passion for math and I truly enjoy teaching. I find it gratifying to see the progress that each student makes and I look forward to the upcoming academic year

Mathematics SL

Hello, I am Siddhima. I have been a tutor with Sindhu’s Academy since January 2020. I began with teaching younger grades and at the moment tutor Mathematics for higher years. I am an alumna of UWC Robert Bosch College, the founding class of 2016 and have recently completed my BSc in Economics and Business Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Maastricht University
I am passionate about education and very much look forward to the hours that I tutor. My work here is about motivating students and instilling confidence in the subject as much as it is about teaching content. I look forward to welcoming new students at Sindhu’s Academy!


Hello, I’m Katja, an experienced tutor with a heart for my students. I teach DP Biology SL/HL and Chemistry SL, while in the past I have taught Maths, Biology and Chemistry to secondary students. I’m qualified in these subjects as I underwent the IB program with an overall score of 42, allowing me to empathise with students and understand what the IB requires of them. Also, as a current pre-medical student in Rotterdam, I closely study these subjects daily.

The MYP Team

maths & Sciences

Hello! My name is Mia Little. I am 19 years old and I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. I graduated from the International School of Utrecht. In Dp I took Biology, Chemistry, Dutch and English as my higher level subjects and Maths and Physics as my standard subjects. I currently study Arts & Culture at the university of Maastricht As an international student I’ve spent the majority of my years living in many different countries, such as England, France and Germany and have always loved meeting people with different nationalities.


My name is Anastasia I come from Greece and have lived in the Netherlands for 7 years. I finished the IB in 2019 and now I study Economics in Utrecht University. I have been teaching mathematics in Sindhu’s Academy for a couple months now, and I can say that I love it! My goal is to prepare the students and make them understand and enjoy math as much as I do!


Hello I am Vitor and I’ve been tutoring for 3 years now. Last year I graduated from the IB program, with Maths HL as one of my subjects, I’m highly experienced in Maths tutoring, with a focus on the IB program, especially its earlier PYP and MYP curriculums. I study business engineering at the Maastricht University, a course that is very math-forward. I look forward to working with students of any level! Improving the grades of students and making sure they understand concepts is my focus, no matter their baseline

Psychology expert

Federica camnarata

Hi There! I am Federica, student at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University. My role in Sindhu’s Academy is that of taking care of optimally introducing and training the new tutors of Mathematics and sciences to the job, implementing and further integrating my knowledge of psychology for this purpose. I am also incharge of the administration and marketing sectors of the academy.

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