• Online classes via Zoom

  • Hand written explanation on whiteboard

  • Max 4 students in an online class

  • Recorded classes shared later

  • Saves commute time

  • Online mock exams


  • Classes in person

  • Both 1 to1 class and group class possible

  • Max 5 students in a  group class

  • Interactive  classes with state of the art multimedia.

  • Classes offered after regular school time.

  • Regular mock exams

Courses Offered & Admission Forms

DP1 & DP2

The Diploma Programme is infamously challenging. Students will be under a lot of pressure when it comes to cracking their final exams as well as applying to their dream universities. Our tutors at Sindhu’s Academy aid students to make learning easier and accessible for students. All our classes follow along with the content that is being taught at school, including practice tests and investigations. Therefore, all the knowledge obtained in school is reinforced with our instruction. We also guide our students with regards to university applications.

Most of our tutors are IB alumni, and have the experience of being in this position themselves to inform their teaching methods and advice.

Our coaching classes for DP1 & DP2 are available for the following IB courses:

Mathematics (AAHL, AASL, AIHL, AISL)
Physics(HL and SL)
Chemistry(HL and SL)
Biology(HL and SL)
English(HL and SL)

Mathematics: Mathematics in the IB Programme has been split into two separate streams as of the Class of 2021. The first stream is the ‘Applications and Interpretations’ stream (AI), which has a focus on statistics and probability. The second stream is the ‘Analysis and Approaches’ stream (AA), which has a focus on calculus and more ‘pure’ aspects of math such as proofs. At Higher Level, the subject matter becomes more advanced and in depth as compared to Standard Level. Mathematics is mandatory in IB at some level, and is a prerequisite for almost all higher education courses.

Physics: Physics in the IB Programme consists of many topics, covering the basics of Physics as a whole. From classical mechanics to nuclear physics, the breadth of the IB Physics curriculum is unparalleled. At Higher Level, the program explores the core concepts on a deeper level. We aim to support our students in this course by explaining the material in a simple way and by providing real-life context to the theory. The Physics program is oriented towards practical learning. Our tutoring reflects that sentiment, and is interactive and engaging for the students. This course will likely be a prerequisite for any engineering or technical course at university.

Chemistry: Chemistry in the IB Programme is experiment-oriented, and relies on lab work and practical investigations into a plethora of topics. At Higher Level, the course delves into the depths of the natural world, and encourages students to think about the world around them from an atomic point of view. Our goal is to help students understand the subject at a fundamental level so that they can apply it in a real-world scenario. This course will likely be a prerequisite for any medicine, biology or environmental science courses at university. It is also recommended for some engineering courses, such as biomedical or chemical engineering.

Biology: Biology in the IB Programme is a broad topic. The course covers the intricate nature of life on this planet – from the function of a single cell to the function of entire ecosystems. We strive to offer quality instruction to our students. Learning is structured, focused and interactive with us. Material is aligned with what is given in school, but explained simply and followed by practice questions for each topic. Our academy also helps students with interpreting data responses and setting up investigations in a practical manner. This course will likely be a prerequisite for any medicine, biology or psychology course at university.

English: English in the IB Programme is split into two separate streams. The first stream is the ‘Literature’ stream (Lit). The second stream is the ‘Language and Literature’ stream (LangLit). The Lit course focuses on the interpretation of literature. This includes poetry, essays, speeches and other prominent literary classics. The LangLit course focuses on the impact that language has on people. This includes news articles, videos, comic strips and many more. The tutoring for this topic allows for students to improve their English writing skills, but also their comprehension and analysis skills. This course is mandatory at some level for the IB Diploma, but is especially useful for journalism, history and other writing-heavy courses.

Grade 10 - MYP5

This year is the last year before the Diploma Programme begins. Students in this year will be prepared as best possible to make a well-informed decision about their subject package for the Diploma Programme. In Sindhu’s Academy, students will be introduced to the Diploma topics in advance, after the May break. One lesson will be focuse on the MYP5 topics, and the second lesson will be on the Diploma topics. We offer lessons for Mathematics (Extended and Standard), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

Grade 9 - MYP4

Students in these years will be prepared as best as possible to make a well-informed decision about their subject package. We offer a blend of revision material from Indian, Italian, Dutch and American curriculums to address any gaps in the foundation of knowledge for each student, therefore preparing them thoroughly. We offer lessons for Mathematics (Extended and Standard), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

Grade 8 - MYP3

This grade is challenging for the students as it takes them to next level in the subject. They will be given complete exposure of the actual subject in detail. Special assistance is given to encourage them to get into Extended level in Maths.

Grade 6 - MYP1 & Grade 7 - MYP2

These years are important for students because they will be exposed to tests for the first time. We support students in these grades overcome the fear of examination and strengthen their knowledge base. We offer lessons for Mathematics, Sciences and English. In the Mathematics lessons, we aim to revise and strengthen the basics of their knowledge so that the students will have a strong foundation for the content that is to come in the future

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Frequently Asked Questions

The role of a tutor is to provide additional assistance to students with their coursework. Tutors are available to help students clarify course content and develop effective ways to learn the material. Tutors also provide learning resources and study strategies that students can utilize for exam preparation.

Tutoring takes place in a small group with 4 students. Small group will enable to address gaps in students’ knowledge, assist students in clarifying their attitudes to and ideas about the subject matter, as they test their own ideas and attitudes against those of others.

Tutoring sessions are offered twice a week for Maths and once a week for sciences/languages. Each session lasts for one hour and extra sessions may be planned before the school exam.

Tutors are not permitted to directly provide students with answers for assignments. However, tutor helps the student to make necessary changes to be done before their submission with Criterion C or D (take home tests). This lesson will take place 1-1 with tutor in order to avoid plagiarism.

Tutoring is incredibly beneficial in improving the school grades. Regular mock exams at our academy, help students to familiarize themselves with pressure and time management. 

Tutoring cost varies according to the grade in which the student is placed. Students with financial challenges can show the proof of their parents financial status and get the discount in price.

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