Dp1 & Dp2

Grades 9 &10

Students  in these grades will be at high pressure in cracking the final Examinations and make an entry to their dream universities. I will help them in achieving their goals and also guide them in their selection of universities.

Student in these grades will be guided in the right direction towards their selection of subjects in dp1&2. They will be provided with a special material which is a blend of Indian,Italian,Dutch and US curriculum. A clear vision towards their future is essential and I can guide them to do so.

Grade 8

Students in this grade are challenging as it takes them to next level in the subject  . They will be given complete exposure of the acutal subject in detail. Special assistance is given to encourage them to get into Extended level in Maths.

Grades 6 & 7

Student will be exposed to the actual test environment in these Grades.They will be motivated with strong basics and necessary techniques not only to face the test challenges but also to overcome the fear of Examination.

Rave Reviews

Ms. Sindhu is a prompt, competent and dependable professional. She motivates students and encourages higher level thinking by using different strategies. She has the integrity and skills of a very succcesfull teacher. Any student will be fortunate to have her as a  teacher.

Magda Eltahir , Head of International school, Italy.

Testimony Parents


Sindhu has been instrumental in helping my son, Connor achieve his goals in Physics. Begining the term, Connor needed some extra assistance as his grade was well below his other average grades in the IB program. By patienly working with Connor and communicating extensively with the Physics teacher at school to know subject matter covered as well as expectations for the class, Sindhu helped Connor achieve what he was capable of - a full understanding of the subject matter and a recent grade of "8" on a portion of his lab report! Thank you Sindhu!

Eltiena Campbell- Grade 10 parent

Yesterday, My son came out of the lesson enthusiastically. He said he finds doing Math giving him a lot of satisfaction, just like making music, when you have a good teacher like Sindhu. Music is his passion and he is a DJ- So this does say a lot to me. Thank you Sindhu for making him experience doing Math can be fun. I think this way his confidence will grow and he will be able to deal better with the test situation.

Reintje - Grade 8 Parent